This is Aidem’s business intelligence unit manned by a team of professionals proficient in all aspects of the broadcasting business. It provides end to end strategic guidance and expertise to set up and manage all aspects of a television channel.

  • Setting benchmarks for optimum connectivity & maximising reach
  • Effective market prioritisation & channel positioning
  • Strategies and tactics for band placement in each market
  • Distribution alliances
  • Communication & ground activation targeted at consumers and trade

  • Consumer insights
  • Consumer connect ideas & platforms
  • Campaign management (creative/production/media)
  • Promotions & events
  • Partnerships (barters, cash and non-cash exchanges)

  • Raise the profile of channel
    • Consumers
    • Advertisers
    • Distribution
  • Broadcast design & channel promotions
  • Media relations

  • FPC management
  • Competitive tracking
  • Time slot analysis to identify programming gaps / opportunities
  • Advertiser funded programming (AFP’s), events, properties
  • Syndication

  • Pricing strategies to optimise inventories
  • Premium extraction ideas
  • Break and FCT management

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