Traffic & Inventory Management

Channel inventories can represent either significant business opportunities or considerable risks for the broadcaster. It all depends on how well they are managed. For instance, a broadcaster who can effectively position inventories in the channel to match demands will maximize revenues and minimize inventories. Also, accurate channel inventory recognition translates into improved communication with advertisers and leads to increased customer loyalty.

That is why, Inventory management at Aidem encompasses all the processes surrounding sales, reporting and scheduling of ad spots, communication of on-hand inventory and inventory target levels, data auditing, data integration, increased revenue capture, and generation of reports and invoices.

The system ensures proper inventory levels are stocked and accurate channel point-of-sale data is available when needed. It also allows the planning and adjustment of inventory based on market requirements. Along with this, The library management facility archives more than 35000 advertising commercials. In all the fully automated systems are designed and developed to make everything an error free, cost and labour-effective process.

traffic and inventory management chart

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