Aidem is the exclusive partner in India for UK based digital logistics company - IMD.

IMD-Aidem seeks to provide a digital delivery solution where an advertiser can send a single tape containing the TV commercial instead of the many tapes it currently sends to each of its broadcasters.

The edge for broadcasters
  • Faster arrival of TVCs in digital quality
  • Complete library management
  • No more handling of physical tapes or ingesting, saving physical space
  • A complete secure electronic approval process which integrates traffic, S&P, ad sales and the final play-out
  • Automatic coding of TVCs and notification of edits to the relevant teams within the organization thus improving corporate governance
The edge for clients & agencies
  • Easy access to earlier TVCs without having to store, maintain and retrieve tapes
  • Power to address consumers across multiple languages through local market channels without bothering about the delivery process
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