NEWS (Network E-Workflow System)

Designed, developed and implemented internally by Aidemtec, the software technology team of Aidem. NEWS updates the sales force with past and current information on client pitches, sales efforts, spends and contacts. It facilitates commercial & administration functions, as well as management reporting & monitoring, ensuring policies & processes are effectively put to practice. Built on the web platform using Microsoft technologies, NEWS can be adapted to media & non media environment as a whole and as individual sub-systems.

Ready for implementation at any sales & marketing business, NEWS comprises modules for:
  • Sales pitch tracking
  • Official tour & travel
  • Expenses claims for sales & marketing
  • Complete barter contract management
  • Quick access to contacts’ database
  • Collections & receipts management
  • Client & brand activity tracking
Unique Features
  • Built by user-developer combination in-touch with ground realities
  • Web platform ensuring 24x7 anywhere access from the web
  • Scalable Microsoft .Net technologies with robust SQL database engine
  • Mobile access for quick & immediate approvals
  • Intuitive work flow with on-line help for ready reference
  • Direct-to-SA (Sys Admin) Feedback on every page for quick action
  • Data exports in Excel for customized report generation
  • Double layer security with password & pin
  • Modular architecture with user level-feature level access controls
  • Configurable periodic automatic reporting
  • Seamless integration with corporate mailing systems
  • Quick setup & start with minimal capital investment
  • Expandable with growing business requirements

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