Aidem. The Smarter Alternative.


Advertising is and will continue to be the revenue mainstay for broadcasters even with the subscription regime settling in. Broadcasters will continue to depend on advertising revenues for more than 60% of their total revenues. With 600 television channels already in existence, 100’s more waiting in the wings seeking to leverage Digital platforms with their niche offerings, broadcasters without a lineage or legacy (like the well-established media majors) face a mammoth challenge – the setting up of an in-house ad sales organization that includes:


  • Ability to attract industry professionals well established in their current organizations and unwilling to make a riskier move even for better pay packages/positions.
  • Having to settle for floating mediocre talent who command astronomical salaries without assured returns or accountability
  • Inability to attract fresh people from other industries at senior levels. Even if they do join, it takes years to develop a broad relationship base with clients and agencies.
  • Economic in-feasibility of an in-house set up in the absence of a critical mass to justify the cost of doing sales.

A similar situation prevails in other media markets including Radio, Print, Digital and Outdoors. Unabated supply of media is reducing the leverage for media owners in a growing media market. To help media owners successfully overcome the above challenges, Aidem Ventures has emerged as a smarter alternative.





Aidem. The Sharper Advantage.


Aidem Ventures was founded by Raj Nayak, a well-known media industry stalwart along with a team of well-known, competent professionals with a strong history in media. Aidem commands a pool of 100+ trained personnel (largest in India for any broadcaster or an independent entity) with domain expertise, deep connections with 3000 clients (agencies/advertisers) and access to market intelligence by virtue of coverage across major Indian markets.

Aidem has also introduced a digital delivery system called eBus, helping advertisers and agencies replace the physical system of sending TV commercial tapes to broadcasters with a smarter digital alternative. It also alerts the Aidem sales personnel regarding the launch of campaigns enabling them to pro-actively convert this intelligence into actual business. Most of the top 50 advertisers are already using this service to send advertising material to almost all leading broadcasters.

In all, the Aidem Advantage is a powerful combination of superior sales force, quick and easy access to a broad client base, deep domain knowledge and expertise and commitment to building long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Media owners looking to efficiently outsource their ad sales revenue management need not look any further.

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